Where we came from

Lockdown came as a big shock to us all.

Knowing the pressure was mounting for my 6th-year students and understanding the challenges they may be facing studying in new surroundings, I wanted to find a solution to keep my students focused and on track to achieve their potential.

I decided to act quickly and create content my students could access at any time, from anywhere. In the beginning, it was not perfect as I wanted to provide content as quickly as possible. However, my students loved it, and I received great feedback.

After numerous months in the making, late-night preparations and many reworks, I have finally created a wide range of exam question walkthroughs that I am proud to offer to a broader audience. Introducing, examsolutions.ie.

I am a qualified Maths teacher with our eight years’ experience in teaching secondary level students. Along with my experience in the classroom, I have also provided one-to-one grinds for students of all levels. From this experience, I have acquired a specialised skill set and extensive knowledge on how to mentor students to achieve their maximum potential.

What we do

Examsolutions.ie is an online platform providing video content aimed at supporting students remotely. Our main goal is to help every individual to achieve their best possible results.

Our videos, used in tandem with past papers, help students develop the skills required to sit their exams and achieve their desired results confidently. The range of recordings available was designed and selected to adequately prepare students with a methodological approach to cover a wide range of potential questions.

The website has been designed to make watching the videos as easy as possible for students. The papers have all been split up based on level, year and then question meaning that students can find the exact question they are looking for with just a few clicks.

We are also very aware about how expensive grinds can be, especially in the current climate with all of the Covid restrictions. Grind teachers may be very hard to come by, and as a result of this we have decided to keep the price as low as possible in order for the website to be accessible to as many students as possible.

The teachers behind the website are contactable should students need any further help. Please just use the contact us option at the top of the page and you can request for more detail to be added to any question you need.


Why choose us?

– Professional and affordable grinds solutions.

– Accessible at any time, from anywhere.

– Effective and efficient video content.

– Gain the confidence to perform at your best.

– Live support available.

We are actively working on creating Applied Maths and Physics sections in addition to our current offering. If you would like early access to this, please contact us through email (enter email here.)

“I was hugely struggling with Maths in school, I failed my Mocks and started doing grinds with Jack and my grade went from an O7 to an O3 in just 3 months. I found the way he focused on the exam material very beneficial”

~ Mily

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